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Zaraki Kenpachi

By the time you hear the bells...

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Zaraki Kenpachi

Welcome to the [unofficial] Zaraki Kenpachi LJ Community.

Any one time we throw away pride
we take a step closer to becoming beasts.
Any one time we kill a heart
we take a step back from becoming beasts.

Volume 13 || The Undead

Name: Unknown; decided to call himself Zaraki Kenpachi
Birthday: 19 November
Occupation: 11th Division Captain
Height: 202cm
Weight: 90kg
Hobbies: afternoon naps
Specialty: sparring
Food: No particular likes. Dislikes nattou.
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: deep purple
Zankaputo: Unknown
Bankai: Unknown
Voice Actors:
Fumihiko Tachiki [Japan // Original]
David Lodge [England]
Ricky Coello [Spain]
César Arias [Latin America]
Che Kock [Germany]

Battle stats:
Reiatsu: 100
Defence: 80
Mobility: 60
Kidou: 0
Wisdom: 50
Stamina: 100

Special Information [Top Secret]:
Due to perspiration, it is a must for him to take a bath before turning in to sleep. Hence, he washes his hair everyday. As he often washes his hair with soap, his hair becomes stiff. However, he likes it personally as it is easier for him to set his hair this way. In the past, he tried a "hair treatment" introduced by Sasakibe Choujirou who went with him to a common bathhouse. On the following day, his hair became silky and no matter how hard he tried to set it, the spikes could not stand up and it was a bitter experience. Currently, he would use only soap. At the same time, this incident caused him to dislike Sasakibe a little.
Information taken from the official Bleach Databook

Appearing in Zaraki [80th District] after his death he fought to survive.
That is also how we got to know him. Nothing is known from the time before that, only that he cared deeply for a person called “Yachiru”.
After “adopting” a girl [who he named Yachiru] he decided to become one of the Captains in Soul Society [reason for that is unknown though]. Unlike the other Gotei Captains he did not attend the Shinigami Academy, but beat and killed the former 11th Division Captain in a fight – taking his place.

Another thing that makes him unique as captain is, that he, in the whole history of Soul Society, is the first Captain who does not know the name of his zankaputo and therefore cannot reach Bankai.
His immense strength also makes up for the lack of being able to use kidou power and other techniques like “flash steps”.
This strength is also the reason, why his zankaputo is always in shikai modus and why he needs to wear an eye patch, which “eats” his energy – or fights would be too boring and over far too soon, in his opinion.

Under all that rough behaviour he hides a loving [his relationship with Yachiru], loyal [to the people in his Division], fair [neither cheating in fights nor discriminating {e.g. when he saw Komamura}] and even vain [getting up three hours earlier to do his hair] streak.

Summing it up: Zaraki Kenpachi is indeed – unique.

.:Wikipedia Article:.

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