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Zaraki Kenpachi

By the time you hear the bells...

Zaraki Kenpachi

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20th April 2014

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Bleach
Subject: Kenpachi Zaraki/Retsu Unohana
Title: Descend to Your Flames
Warning/Notes: MASSIVE SPOILERS on Bleach chapter 524 onwards. Even the front cover, upon closer look, reveals spoiler-ish details about the two, so proceed with caution. Furthermore, the fanmix has both a Japanese and English parts (translations are provided in the post), since there were songs from the two languages that capture the dynamics of this pairing so well (I coudln't pick just one!)

You are the only man in the world..

13th December 2012

Bleach Chapter 520

Well after reading this week's chapter, number 520 I doubt anybody does NOT have some kind of opinion about it.

So... Kenpachi fanbase [if one is left]. Feeling mind-raped or is this the best damn thing that could happen, in your opinion?

19th November 2012


May Kubo start to be kinder to you.

19th October 2012

Honestly, looking back on those last years I had not expecting anything... but guys... seems like things are finally starting to brighten up once more.

The calendar image.
Of course it shows only a bloodthirsty Zaraki... because the fandom knows so much he can be nothing else but that...


Surprise, surprise!!!! :D
Who else agrees that this is one of the most adorable pictures ever?

22nd August 2012

Soooo those last days I have been snooping around on various forums, trying to find out what each and every person thinks about the current manga happenings, especially about Ken-chan as he is well... Ken-chan.

It has turned out that there are only two kind of people left [besides probably.. a third party that makes up 2%].

- Those, who want Kenpachi to utterly fail and die.
- Those, who think that Kenpachi is "Kubo's hax lap-dog", doing by far more bullshit than Ichigo, Hitsugaya and all those other hax characters together.

Currently I feel like I have been woken up from a dream and suddenly see reality again.

I mean... Those last years have made it very clear that Kenpachi turned into a low-seller. Hardly any fanworks, no new doujinshies, no merchandise of him.

As it turned out though, the situation has become far more worse. He went form a Top Dog, to a Low-Seller to one of Bleach's most hated characters ever.

And here is the question.... HOW?
WHEN has it happened, and WHY has it happened?

So far he had valid reasons to be strong without bankai [with him being the only one who did not have to TRAIN, but being somebody who had to SURVIVE in hell - there IS a difference]. And so far, at least in my opinion, he is the only one who has an excuse why his bankai cannot be stolen [I'd say... the lack of a bankai?].

But yes... any thougths on that?
I mean... even the activty of this community speaks bonds. First it was all hyped and then over the years... dead. Utterly dead.

We are those 2% left... any idea how that has happened?
[And why the sudden, utter, LOATHING for him?]

12th August 2012

The End?

Well then, end of Kenpachi?
Kubo's sudden strive for death on the Shinigami side and only Ichigo ever being able to beat the main antagonists?


19th November 2011

(no subject)

demon of zaraki

Stay the way you are. We love you, gorgeous. <3

4th November 2011

[Cross-posted with team_zaraki]

Oh hello, everyone! I'm trying to break out of my perpetual lurking and actually be a little more active in some places. Especially one that is dedicated to the awesomeness that is Zaraki Kenpachi. <3 I've been a fan since early 2008 and while the current status of the manga is driving me to want to drink, I make up for it by ignoring all that and focusing on giving love to the woefully ignored Ken-chan.

I have contributions, too! I got into .gif making and for about two days, that's all I did. I need to do some more once my idea bucket decides to refill itself, but for now, here's what I have! Fair warning, they're big. Unless you have incredible connection, I wouldn't load more than one or two at a time. They used to be in a chronological order until I started making them out of order. After that, it was easier to alphabetize them.

All of these below are from episode 324. I don't care what anyone says about this episode, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It was everything I had been wanting to see from Bleach for so long. It gave me such hope for the filler, which was unfulfilled, but whatever, I will defend this episode forever.

Some of them have lyrics. Originally I was going to note the lyrics but I think I want to have some fun. :3 See if you recognize them! [Pssst, stharridan, you've already seen all but three. Guess if you want, but no cheating by checking my journal. :P]

Here be .gifs!Collapse )

Let me know what you think of these and I hope to have more to contribute later!

(no subject)

demon of zaraki
Wellll, I'll be posting, because... we need posts in here. :D

Anyway - linking you to one of the only left-over fanart drawers of Ken-chan. Unfortunately 90% of the fanart sites stopped, because they are not interested in Ken-chan anymore [how the hell can that happen????? I don't know... But most of them are now interested in Tiger & Bunny... one of the reasons why I loathe this anime. As childish as it sounds...] and 9% simply closed. There are only a few fanarts here and there, but otherwise... nada.

Ah well - here is the link. It's a pixiv account: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3175190 ,but yah - her fanarts are really cute. :3

I have a whole folder of Ken-chan fanart sites. As I said though, most of them already closed. So I'll check threw the whole pile first and sort them out.

I just wish they'd make fanarts of him again. Or fanwork overall. Just looking at the fanfiction sites... either he is raping random Bleach characters or he is making out with some OC.
What has come to this fandom?
Very well done, Kubo.

Anyway - enjoy those few fanarts. And remember. Whenever you find a fanart or a fanfiction, or even better, if you create something yourself do not hesitate to post them here and over at team_zaraki - as our lovely stharridan has already done so. <3
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